Nikon D7100

Price: S$850

Posted: 24 Jan 2021
  • Description

Letting go one of my love camera Nikon D7100 couple with lens and a good flash light.

Shuttle Count: 29,864.

Accessories included:

1) Body: NIKON D7100

2) Len: i) Nikon DX 18-135mm AF-S; ii) Nikon AF 50mm . 1:1.8 ; iii) Tamron DiII SP AF 17-50mm; iv) Professional Digital Micro len; v) Generic multiple lens extender;

3) Speedlight DF-660;

4) Nikon Battery: 1 pcs

5) Nikon Battery Charger;

6) Remote snap cable;

7) LovePro camera backpack.

Good for any hobbyist starter or up-grader.

Condition Now: 8
Mobile No: 85117266
Meeting Place: Lakeside MRT