Vivitar-90mm f2.5 (Minolta MD mount)

Price: S$599

Posted: 15 Jul 2017
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The legendary “Bokina” lens, the standard by which all Bokehliciousness is measured by. Check out the links below, you won’t find a bad review about this lens even though it’s over 30 years old. I have a excellent condition version for sale with a dedicated 1:1 Macro Adapter and the original case. The case hasn’t stood the test of time well but both accessories are rare and seldom seen. The lens is optically clean – no fungus, no haze, no lens separation and no scratches. Just a bit of dust, which is to be expected. The lens also comes with original front and rear caps. Selling at going eBay rates, bonus is that item is in SG - there are no taxes to be paid and you can inspect the item before buying.

Check out this link:

This is a straight out of camera JPEG, shot wide open with this lens. Good example of the buttery smooth bokeh in the background. Then, view the image at 100%, look at the area around the left eye and count the eyelashes and the fine hairs on the forearm. Sharp enough?

Condition Now: 10
Meeting Place: Bedok MRT